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City Cier Sayings

aka CCS

The following are well-known sayings or phrases used by urban loving Ciers who are constantly surrounded by throws of technology and modern aesthetics. This type of slang is also referred to as CCS.  
Test it or Mess it
Take caution else things get out of control.
Analogging on air
Mentioning when someone is forgetful or devoid of thoughts.
Bend the Bandwidth
Make a guess or an estimate.
Smoking vapors
Believing in something that doesn't exist
Running on Cron
A prompt person always on time or on schedule.
A real foobar
Someone who is an example of a particular behavior.
Throw it in the ocean
To destroy something indefinitely.
Threaded out
To be extremely exhausted.
A Heavy Upgrade
Getting too much of a good thing.
Blue screen
Spacing out or checking out of a current situation.
Fast like fiberglass
Being really efficient and productive.
Description of someone whose perception is manipulated by drugs.
Shutting down
Going to sleep
Callerback Girl
A dependable lady friend
While True
An idea that can be revisited later
Wheel of Death
An exclamation when someone is stuck with something undesirable.
To hide something quickly.

Shorthand Version

I don't get the young crowd these days and the symbols they constantly use. I don't think they realize or appreciate the beauty and complexity of the written word.
— An ornery traditional Textchanter
  Common sayings have been translated into a simple string of pictoglyphs as a shorthand way to get a point or feeling across, most popularly used by younger Ciers.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe some common idioms and sayings from a culture in your world."

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