1st Legion

The 1st Legion or 'Trailblazers' are a group of tough rangers who scout and survive for long periods of time out in the Red Waste, the Ice Spires or the Metrusian Border. They are the first line of defence against the terrible creatures that live in this harsh environments, fire elementals, Ice Wraiths and Metrusian nightmares. The soldiers who get through selection to become Trailblazers are considered some of the hardiest men and women in the region. The selection process for the special branch of the Marble Legion is brutal, putting soldiers through a years worth of environment training, sparring and fitness beasting.   The Trailblazers have three distinct sub-groups;

  • Ashwalkers - These are rangers who survive in the Red Waste, the volcanic wasteland. They have to be able to survive on minimal food and water as well as contending with the fire elementals and fanatical Fire Priests.
  • Ice Wardens - These hardy rangers specialise in the cold environment of the far North, the mountains between the Coast and Austerith. Many dangerous creatures lurk in these mountains and it is the Ice Wardens job to keep these creatures from reaching settlements.
  • Ironlungs - These warrior-rangers have to contend with poisonous air from Metrus, one wrong turn in the mountains could lead rangers into a pocket of the silent killer. They also have to deal with the nightmares that have thrived in the wasteland of Metrus' surfaces, nightmares that try to regularly make their way into other lands. The Wetlands has its wall, the Marblites have the Ironlungs.


Split into three branches:
  • Ashwalkers
  • Ice Wardens
  • Ironlungs
  They are led by Legatus Gaius.

Public Agenda

To protect the borders of the Marble Coast from threats beyond that of a normal soldier.


Each branch has 500 elite trained soldiers. These soldiers are supported by a further 300 support of engineers, medics and messengers, each are also trained beyond that of normal soldiers in their positions.

Aliis audent ire calcare - To go where others dare not tread

Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative Names
Legatus Gaius
Parent Organization
Marble Legion
Marble Coast


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