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The Iontais Glade and Atran Embassy

The Iontais Glade is a black market faction of the Atran Mercantile Federation. The Iontais base is headed by "Gentleman" Julien Hackett, A stern human man. He is known around Iontais as "the Gentleman" because of his rules and business like attitude to crime. However, he is still highly respected and feared in the trenches, even though he has rules he deals with those that damage his operation mercilessly.    The Glade operates in levels, the Glade exchange is the first level and deals in general black market items and general goods that are being sold. The market is open to the public and those that sell in the exchange must provide a cut to the exchange in return for allowing their business. The lower levels sell more illicit materials ranging from hard drugs, stolen goods, illegal services (i.e. hitmen, bodyguards, thieves, and assassins), "indentured servants", and in the lowest levels body parts from sentient races for use in rituals, cults, and dark magic.   The Iontais Glade has their lower markets based under the official Atran embassy. This was a cleverly planned agreement between the Iontais Glade and the corrupt members of the Iontais City Council. In Atran law people are allowed to sell their lives into service in return for a wergild for their family. Typically poor families, would usually have one parent or eldest children, would sell themselves into service and have the funds sent to their family to take care of them. The contract would then be sold off by the Glade for a profit and the indentured servant would have to work in whatever possession the holder of the contract wanted. In Iontais those sort of contracts are illegal and have no legal holding if made, but the corrupt members of the city council forced a law to honor the contracts made outside of Iontais' borders. They then provided some land in the Trenches for the Atran embassy making it effectively Atran soil. The Iontais Glade then openned their doors for all the sick and starving refugees and started writing contracts. In return for the favor the Glade gives a special deal the council member corporations in need of cheap labor.    Well its labor contracts are tentatively "legal", the Iontais Glade also abducts people to sell their body parts and has professional thieves on the pay role to "acquire" goods.   The Atran embassy is also the base of the lower levels of the Glade markets. In the underground levels the farther down you go the illicit and macabre the merchandise.
Corporation, Business

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