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Syndicate of the Cabbalists

The Syndicate of the Cabbalists is a crime organization working in El'Daesh . They once started as a small crime business, moving illegal goods from one place to another, but have since grown to be one of the more influential crime families in the city, offering a large range of criminal activities in the city. They have three guild houses in the city, one within the walls of the Trade District and two outside of the city walls. From these houses, they offer protection to store owners, deal in magical narcotics, smuggle illicit wares, and sell stolen goods. In addition, some members of the Syndicate are alchemists or poisoners while others perform smaller streets crimes.   The easiest way to contact the Cabal is through the black market in the slums. A street is lined with seedy stores, selling strange goods if you know who to ask for them. Contacting the Cabal is dangerous and oftentimes expensive, but their leader, Makotar is incredibly good at what he does.


The organization is led by Makotar and his most trusted henchmen, including his brother. They make the big calls, decide what jobs they do and how much money each person involved gets. On a more local scale, each individual activity is regulated by a Cabbalist, a leader who determines who gets what job in the smaller cog. Below that are the Lackeys, who do the menial work in the organization, such as running protection, smuggling or delivering other wares.


The Cabal deal in many different things. Word on the street is they can get their hands on anything you want, for the right price. Other than great amounts of money, the Cabal owns a warehouse in the slums as well as three houses, which function as their meeting places. Other than that, most stores in the black market are owned by the Syndicate, through which they can move their illegal goods.  

Illicit wares

The Syndicate is well-known for obtaining and re-distributing illegal wares, mostly magical in nature. Even some high-ranking scholars have dabbled with the Cabal to ensure a rare ingredient for their experiments could be secured. The Syndicate obtains these ingredients, either through someone outside of the organization or through a low-ranking member, stores it and sells it. Goods obtained in this way include (but are not limited to): parts of magical creatures, live creatures, imprisoned demons or devils, magic items, spell scrolls and rare spell components.  


One of the more well-known and dangerous assets of the Syndicate is their drug trafficking. They have several opium dens where magical and nonmagical drugs are used by guests. One of the more well-known of these places is the Goat's Teat. Other opium dens tend to move around a lot. The Cabal provides its customers with many different kinds of drugs, sometimes experimental ones. Their couriers move them around, hidden amongst inconspicuous packages. To sell drugs or ingredients, one would have to address the black market.  

Alchemy and poison

The Cabal and their leader are well-known for their dealings in magical wares, but their potions reach the top. It is said that the organization's leader, Makotar, is a brilliant alchemist and has several labs hidden throughout the city where he brews potions to suit everyone's needs. A potion obtained in this way can be incredibly expensive. However, the Master Brewer has yet to disappoint one of his clients.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Cabal

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