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Redoran Mountains

The rolling highlands of the eastern mountain range borders the province of Al'Qahir and forms a natural barrier. The peaks are dry and hot, forming a climate both harsh and beautiful.


The western side of the mountains rises above the dry plains of the Jemiah province of Al’Qahir. Jemiah is a very fertile part of the desert. Rains fall infrequently, but this part of the desert is irrigated by other means. During spring, flash floods from the Redoran irrigate the land. Deep below, one can find enormous reservoirs of water. These deserts also bring the hot winds in summer and scour the mountains with sand, eroding them down. The mountains are volcanic and there are still active volcanoes in the area. Most notable are Mount Cragera in Laureion, Laghel Pinnacle and The Caliph’s Fury. Due to these volcanoes, the rock is mainly igneous in nature. The dark grey basalt of the mountains is often used in heavy construction. In the center of the range, the volcanic depression exists. There, the ripping of the tectonic plates causes a string of smaller, temporary volcanoes, which often don’t stand for more than 80 years. Hot springs and Sulphur fields permeate the area. This has caused a natural barrier in the mountain range. To the north, the mountains are steeper and higher, and the temperatures are cooler. The mountains in the south are warmer and a little lower. The mountains are some 4,5 kilometers high and almost 75 million years old. The mountains are plateau-like, with high, flat-topped mountains and steep, cliff-like walls. Some mountains form pinnacles, but ridges are common amongst these highlands. These ridges can be anywhere between a few meters and a few kilometers wide. The plateaus are well-vegetated, and some smaller trees grow here (for a full discloser on which flora and fauna appear here, see below).
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Redoran Mountains
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