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Parisha is the newest city one can find in Al’Qahir. When the people of Volaq lost their home to the War of the Sands, they followed a single man out into the desert. They soon found a part of the land where the oases were large and plentiful, and the sands were somewhat fertile. They travelled long and far, until they found a large sandstone peak, jutting out from the desert, nearly a mile high. Erosion had worn out different platforms on the heights of it, and so the city of Parisha was born. Parisha is the richest city in Al’Qahir, due to its prime export product: water and produce. It is Al’Qahir’s grain store, and its only source of fruit. Most farming happens outside of the city in smaller villages, but Parisha is where it is all traded off into the kingdoms. The city is tiered, starting with a bottom tier for the lower worksmen, then a tier for middle class citizens, a tier for wealthy citizens, and on the top of the city is the palace where the aristocrats and the governor live. The city has hewn stairs past the tier walls, making the city a treacherous place for warfare. The city has a rich flow of trade going around, which is why the city is governed by someone who the khalif wholly trusts. Faeshan Duyal was one of the khalif’s most trusted advisors, and is a born diplomat. He is clever, but also wise and just, making him the perfect match for the fertile lands around Parisha.

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The Five Provinces of Al'Qahir

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