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Makotar (a.k.a. The Master Brewer)

Makotar is a half-orc denizen of El'Daesh and owns the city's theater. Almost everyone in the city knows the handsome half-orc and his penchant for great parties. He and his brother have owned the theater for years and everyone whispers that Makotar is the leader of the Syndicate of the Cabbalists.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Makotar was born to a human mother and an orc father from the Territories of Qoerth. When his father died, while he and his brother were still young, his mother took them to the Sorcerous City while she looked for a job. Being raised among humans, the half-orc children were often seen as dull-witted and only good for menial labour. Up until they were sixteen years old, the two brothers worked hard in the city's sand docks. Until one day, Makotar had the opportunity to come into some money illegally. He started doing more and more crime jobs, until he was arrested. After a year in the Citadel, he came back and bought the old city theater and refurbished it.


Makotar was a harbor labourer for his younger years, working himself to the bone alongside his younger brother. When he was older, he was asked to run some jobs for a smaller crime organization, which paid really well. However, he was discovered by the military and thrown in the Citadel for a year. When he came back out, he and his brother bought the old theater and refurbished it. They started giving great shows, and soon, the place was one of the hottest places to be during the night scene of El'Daesh.   It is a public secret, however, that Makotar also runs the Syndicate of the Cabbalists as their Master Brewer.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Black, thick hair, bound together in a large braid, with white streaks running through.
Skin Tone
Dark grey

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