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Far to the north, near the world’s end ocean, lies a continent of frozen fields, of heroes and of untamed wilderness. This is the frozen north of Ingstrang. Twelve holds have carved their homes into the wilds of this place, and twelve kings rule these lands. The great cities look out on great wilds, high mountains and untamed forests. The summers are mild and friendly, but the winters are harsh. Great tales of epic heroes are written about this place, songs and poems of the great wars and heroics that make the Holds of Ingstrang their backdrop.   The continent is roughly split in two. The southern portion of the continent, also referred to as the Bjarren, is marked by several geographical features, such as the Jotunheim Mountains, the Heartland Forest, and the Smoking Hills. Its landscape is remarkably varied and five kingdoms have established a hold over this part of Ingstrang. To the west, the volcanic landscape is claimed by the Three Kings of Tomteland. This kingdom is bordered by the greenest of the Southern Holds, Vantaa. Talmark is the smallest of these holds, while Jotunheim, named after the mountain range it encompasses, is the largest. Lastly, the eastern tip of the continent is occupied by the kingdom of Viisby.


Ingstrang is divided in two by the Innri, the inner sea between the two halves of the continent. The two continents are connected through the Dragon's Arch to the west. The other opening of the Innri is closed off with the Giant's Bridge. Around the continent, one can find the Endless Ocean to the east, south, and west, and the north borders on the Frozen Seas.   The northern half of the continent is considered the wildest half. The northern lands are cold and covered in tundra, with harsh conditions. This part of the continent is cut in half by the Grundvir Mountains, sheltering the southern half slightly from the frozen northern winds. Below those mountains, one can find the Valdward, one of the two ancient forests that cover Ingstrang. To the west, the mountain rivers have carved the coast into serrated edges, forming the famous fjords of the Northern Jarls.    The sothern half of the continent is more hospitable, with rolling hills, large forests, and bubbling rivers. However, this part of the continent is also home to the Jotunheim mountains, the highest mountain range on the continent and easily one of the most dangerous places in the world. No mortal settlements are found here, only the most dangerous of creatures. At the center of this half of the continent, one can find the second of Ingstrang's ancient forests, the Heartwoods of Vantaa.
Alternative Name(s)
The Twelve Holds

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