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Dhuzana is the Dwarven Goddess of Agriculture. She started out as a regular Dwarf, born when the Earth was still very young. She was the wife of a Dwarven Lord who ruled a small piece of land with several farmer's villages dotted on it. One year, a terrible drought swept the lands, followed by a plague. Dwarves were starving in their homes, everywhere they could be found. Legend tells of Dhuzana leaving the safe confines of her home, roaming the lands and restoring them, but finding that she alone was powerless. According to legend, she received a vision, of a well, deep in the mountains, surrounded by an ancient Ironwood Tree.   She traveled into the mountains, searching far and wide, until she found the well. There, she crafted a staff from the Great Ironwood's branch, bound with treeblood stones, and blessed by the waters of the well. Seven days and seven nights she worked, until her hands were raw and her head heavy. After the seventh day, she slept, and when she awoke, she found that the staff had taken blossoms. She carried it out of the grove, and walked the lands, restoring life to the earth wherever she went. When she was done, she is said to have ascended into godhood, taking he rightful place in the Dwarven Pantheon as goddess of Argiculture and Nature.   Dhuzana's worship is simple, as is her task: simple, but vital. She is depicted as a Dwarven woman with long brown hair, braided with vines and flowers. She always wears green, and in one hand holds a grey wooden staff studded with amber (treeblood). Her symbol is a wheatstalk. Her priests read the rituals from walking sticks with strips of leather on them that hold the litanies of the goddess. Commonfolk worship Dhuzana at home, by making small offerings of gold and food at her altar, or by burying smaller items of value in the field.   Clerics of Dhuzana hold the ironwood tree and amber in high regard, seeing them as holy symbols to their goddess. Her weapon, in which most paladins will receive training, is a scythe, and her sacred animal is a Feldunost, the Dwarves' famous giant goat.

Divine Domains

Life, Light, Nature

Holy Books & Codes

The Tenets of Dhuzana are written down in the Book of Life, one of the oldest books the Dwarves still possess. It describes the story of the goddess and her tales, as well as the tenets of her worship and the sacred rites given to her. Priests and champions of Dhuzana are all listed in the book, along with their deeds and wisdoms. The book also contains the dates of the holy days dedicated to Dhuzana.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Goddess of Growth has several symbols. Her main symbol is a golden wheat stalk on a dark green backdrop, symbolizing her life-giving essence. Additionally, priests and warriors in her name can often be recognized by adornments of ironwood, amber or carrying a blossoming branch. Since her sacred animal is the giant goat, many of her temples and followers are adorned with horns or goat faces.   Dhuzana's warriors often fight using a scythe or a war hammer shaped like a ram's head. Priests often carry a wooden staff and wear green and gold clothing.

Divine Classification
Dwarven Goddess

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