Daemonica (Demon-icah)

Goetimancy, Daemon Magic, or the Daemonic Arts, as is termed by The University of Arcaena, are those Arts of the Conduction of The Energy of Mana in order to bind, contact, or incur possession by an entity from among the Daemons. Those beings as old as time itself and evil beyond all measure that spawned from The Caeon at the Beginning of All Things. The Practice of these Craven Arts are combated by both the University of Arcaena and those individuals and organizations that fall under the Faith of Aemar the All-Father. Most notably are the Paladin Orders both Renunciant and Reconciliate.

Daemon magics are undertaken primarily by craven cults of black hearted individuals in pursuit of power, pleasure, or vengeance against the Faith of Aemar. As well as members of the Nobility of sovereign nations are found in such circles on occasion. Selling their souls and their humanity in pursuit of wealth, pleasure, or power. Disrupting and corrupting the world in their dissatisfaction with their own existence. Contemptuous against every God that's ever been for not permitting them to join their divine ranks.

Under The Treaty of Magai, the Daemonic Arts are completely illegal. And are combated on every front. Yet the efforts of law enforcement, and the literary screening and censure conducted by both the University and the Sovereign Governments of the Heartland Realms. Wicked cults and fringe enthusiasts tuck away literature on the subject of Daemonica and gather in secret to perform their craven rituals. Though most will go abroad to conduct their profane affairs. Particularly to the territories of The Abkari Federation in The Great Abkari Desert. Where the fight against it is far less successful than the universal fight against the Arts of Heretica.

The particulars of what Daemonica can do with Mana are not vastly explored. Merely experienced by the Arbiter on their hunts for Necromancer and Daemonist cults. And some things have been learned about it.

  • Goetimancy can bring about the possession of a living being. Sapient or otherwise.

  • Goetimancy can bestow unnatural power upon an individual via a symbiotic connection with a Daemon.

  • Goetimancy can bind a Daemon to the material world by means of a Magic Array and compact it in service to the caster of the Spell.

  • Goetimancy can grant The Mages Gift to individuals born without it for a limited time.

  • Goetimancy can make an individual invulnerable to weapons of steel or spell for a limited time.

Such powers are only what has been encountered by Paladins and Arbiters. The true limits of Daemonica are far from known. But what is known for a certainty is the harm and chaos these arts wreak upon the common people. With many a grave filled by the bodies of individuals whose lives were cut short by the wickedness of Daemonists and their indulgence of the Daemonic Arts.

Goetimancy has many drawbacks and consequences for the Daemonist however. It is by no means a sure or safe science. The dangers are varied.

  • Goetimancy can lead to the Daemonist losing control and being possessed by the liaised Daemon.

  • Daemonic Possession left unchecked or left to go on for too long result in Interquodia. The condition that arises from Daemonic possession where in the Daemon and the Possessed become one in a chaotic symbiosis. Becoming incapable of reason, interaction, or even recollection or comprehension of their previous existences. Yet remain two minds that are unaware of each other, or themselves apart from each other. The ultimate confusion of self.

  • Goetimancy can affect more than just targeted individuals and locations. The Conductions of Mana that pertain to Daemonica are ever and always uncontrollable in the true sense.

  • Goetimancy can cause Magical Anomolies and Events. The Conductions of Mana in Goetimancy upset the fluctuations of Mana at a core level. Resulting in unpredictable and destructive outcomes.

  • Daemons cannot be trusted. Ever. They are exactly what the University of Arcaena categorizes them. "Antithesis Beings." Eternally opposed to all other beings. And will even conspire against each other as much as they do other beings.

Daemonica is a tier of Magic that cannot result in ideal outcomes for any that pursue its secrets. Yet individuals of every walk of life take up its craven reins and permit themselves to be ridden to its doomed end. Always in the arrogance that they will be the exception to a norm that has been for countless millennia. All in pursuit of their selfish ambitions. Their lust for endless wealth. Ceaseless pleasure. And a futile pursuit of a level of existence that they'll never reach and would never understand if they did.
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