The entire mulitverse contains two powerful forces which both work together and against each other Essence and Entropy. The Cosmic Sea is what contains all of the world's Planes; in its ocean-like void. Across the Cosmic Sea are two webs of conduits which transfer the two energies. These conduits connect the planes together in a vast network known as the Great Link (though the inhabitants of the planes may view this natural phenomina differently).

Atharia and the Night World

Planes exist within the Cosmic Sea, however each contain their own dimension of reality. The Cosmic Sea is its own Dimension which links the dimensions together. However the planes of Atharia and, what Atharians refer to as Naphara, somehow began to attract each other until they both Converged. At first instabilities occured between the planes, which eventually settled; but since then the two planes have existed with each other for centuries. Creating bond between the two planes.
  This is a natural phenomina. Entropic and 'Essenic' planes naturally attract each other. The bonding of Essenic planes and Entropic planes has 1 of 3 outcomes.
  1. The two planes become Essenic planes, which merge into one. 2. The two planes become Entropic planes, which merge into one. 3. They break the bond causing a Supernova-like explosion in the Cosmic Sea, which forms new planes.
  Planes of the same type can also bond and 'grow' each other. All of this happens at a relative pace; as time is relative. This also ignores the possibility of inhabitants of the planes being able to coexist in some form or another.
Metaphysical, Astral

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