Church of Moondrift

"I wouldn't pray to Taria there. Its full of Oathbreakers and sympathisers; folks who I'd rather not be associated with"
— A devout commoner to the Order
  Located in Moondrift, This building used to be a church of the Order, but now it is a church of the Reformist group who seek to change the Order's official view towards Oathbreakers. However rather than just being a church for the Order, is it a safe haven for Oathbreakers. This is so any Oathbreakers who are still devout to the Goddess of Creation can still practice their belief as they would without being deemed as an Oathbreaker.  
"Oathbreakers are people too, and her holiness High Preistess, Beldina is right. A mother can be both stern and forgiving."
Venali Thepeiros a Cleric of the Order
  The leader of this building is Venali Thepeiros a Cleric of the Order. They are a known Sympathiser, as they are also well spoken about it. Since the appointment of the High Preistess, Beldina Darkflower, Venali opened their church doors for all; Oathbreaker and Paladin; everyone. However, this caused a mass amount of friction with the town the church resides   This church has brought attention to many of those who oppose the opinion of forgiving those who broke their solemn vow. During the two years since its own reform, folks would damage the building in any way they could. Either by throwing stones through the stained glass windows, defacing the main door and walls; or even going as far as, though rarely so, desecrating graves. Forunately, nobody has gotten hurt by this local unrest towards the church; but many locals would guess it would happen very soon if these tensions keep rising.


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