Bounty Posters

Spread across the plane-verse are posters, slips and various other mediums of bounty requests. Even though the Heffling lifestyle is old fashioned, there are people who still need someone to help them with many tasks. Even though there are very little Heffling guilds, freelancer Hefflings still roam around the many planes of this world. Many of which would take on whatever bounty task they can do and find. One thing to note, a Bounty is not just about hunting criminals or monsters; as a bounty could involve in a wide range of tasks which the bounty holder needs help with.   However not every location allows the dealings of bounties to occur. In the Capital Province of Atharia, a bounty must be certified by the Atharian Guard or a Paladin of Taria's Order. This is to ensure the bounties are not asking for Hefflings to commit any crimes, like theft, smuggling or assassinations.  

Type of Bounties

There are many different kinds of bounties; however they are not limited to the types listed below. As long as the bounty holder is able to pay the clament and the clament can prove they completed the task, the bounty can be complete. The details of each individual bounty can vary, depending on the needs and proposals of those involved.
  • Vigilante Bounty - One of the more traditional bounties, where the Hefflings are asked to hunt for either a single criminal gang boss, or even to clear and capture an entire camp.
  • Monster Hunting - The wilderness can be dangerous and untamed, even in planes such as Atharia. With this, beasts can roam the lands, which can cause havok on the defenceless. Travelers, Caravans, and even villages are in danger. These bounties can bring high reward, but at an even higher risk.
  • Delivery - Many merchants may require protection for the wares they want to trade. These bounties can range from guarding a caravan to the Hefflings requiring to deliver the cargo themselves.


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