In the Eternal Triune, aeons represent the “mind” and its unwavering logic. They are the “rational” to a kobold’s “irrational,” bearing powers that tug at the very nature of thought and reason. Though this phenomenon isn’t common, an aeon may be born with dormant or active psionics that manifests as a strain of clairvoyance. Through a series of psychic trials ordained by Aeon church leaders, psionic aeons become Seers, guides that protect aeons from future disasters and offer advice to the unfortunate and suffering.
Seer Angio by Midjourney
  The earliest use of the title “Seer” coincides with the founding of Luminism. Seer Angio is commonly believed to be the first Seer despite other aeons bearing clairvoyance preceding his existence. Psychic aeons were plentiful prior to the Twilight War, but many were not proficient in their psionics or knowledgeable about them. In the hands of an unskilled aeon, psionics are capable of damaging the wielder’s mind irreparably. Aeon Seers are, thus, practiced psychics and skilled clairvoyants, trained by Seer Angio to wield their powers with proper control.


"The mind of a dormant psychic teeters on a straining thread. When every stray thought can be weaponized, is it safe to awaken at all?"
The emergence of an aeon’s psionic power—the first step to becoming a Seer—is called an “awakening.” Psionic aeons have psychic power since birth, yet they lay dormant until they mature. In rare cases, however, traumatic incidents can awaken an aeon’s dormant powers much sooner as a means of self-defence. Psionic awakenings resulting from extreme stress usually cause strain on the aeon’s mind or permanent damage in worse cases. Should an aeon be unscathed by a traumatic awakening, it is granted the rare opportunity to safely experiment with its psionics from a young age. Such an opportunity usually results in the aeon maturing into a psychic with control far exceeding its peers.   Psionics are closely linked to an aeon’s mental health, so it is possible that an aeon may never experience an awakening in its lifetime. Because of this, it is unknown how many aeons are capable of psionics or if psionics are truly as rare as they appear to be.

A Gift From Beyond

The source of an aeon’s power is unknown, but there are numerous theories attempting to explain why psychics are rare among their population.   Aeons believe the First Star is the source of their psychic energy, a privilege only the most faithful are blessed with. This belief, and a combination of Luminism, led to Seers becoming revered as the First Star’s Chosen. To those without psionics, Seers were holy kings; devout Luminists viewed them as the bridge between the mortal realm and the heavens. This reverence was not without its vices: Seers that found themselves burdened with visions of countless grim futures remained surrounded by the public, idealistic perception of clairvoyance. They could say not a word of the horrors that their peers only narrowly avoided. Each path Seers envision was marred by uncertainty, and all Seers lived with the knowledge that one misstep could potentially invite doom.   Edenian kobolds believed that, like themselves, aeons were intrinsically tied to the very fabric of reality, such that they can see the universe that is, was, and will be. This theory is grounded in the fact that aeons and kobolds coexisted in ancient times. The history of aeons and kobolds predates that of the proto-humans, who were foreign to Eden.
"Our clairvoyance has a purpose. We've forgotten it."
- Seer Elkin

The Second Faith

Seer Elkin by Midjourney
Voidism had Seers, but they were not worshipped as Luminist Seers were. Voidist Seers, like their Luminist counterparts, were guides for sapient life. Along with this role came monitoring the natural order of Eden and its surrounding planets. Voidist Seers believed the universe operated on a strict balance. Perceived disruptions to this balance were often met with suspicion.   Seer Elkin was among the first Voidists to greet the proto-humans as they migrated to Eden. Despite their formalities, the Voidist Seers were apprehensive of proto-humans, finding their technology and appearance alien to even beings such as aeons. It was not until the proto-humans began carving their kingdom into Eden’s landscape that Voidists treated them with hostility. It is believed the arrival of the proto-humans resulted in the Voidists withdrawing from public eyes.  

Modern Era

It is believed that most psionic aeons were shattered during the Twilight War. Though Seers have begun reappearing among the scarce Luminist members scattered across the galaxies, they are estimated to represent less than 1% of the aeon population. It is unknown if any Voidist Seers survived the Twilight War, as most churches and monuments dedicated to Voidism were systematically razed by the scalebacks.   Aboard the NWS-Atlas, the only documented Seers are Seer Salix and Seer Rea, though there may be more psionic aeons migrating to Heberus. In recent years, Seer Salix has foretold the upbringing of another Seer, yet its religious alignment is uncertain.
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