"Each loss is a graceful step forward."
- Seer Angio, the Eye Before All
Luminism, also known as the Original Oath, is an Aeon religion founded by the Eye Before All, Seer Angio on the planet Eden. Before the creation of Voidism, it was the largest religion worshipped by Aeons. It is believed that through practicing Luminism, one can envision the wholeness of reality the same as the First Star.
  Luminism teaches worshippers to acknowledge the importance of their existence in relation to the world's natural laws. It emphasizes the scale of the individual compared to the totality of the universe. Seer Angio believed that reality was uncaring of a life's existence. Luminism teaches its worshippers that, on a spiritual level, they are no different than any other being. All lessons taught by Luminism are extensions of this primary idea. Thus, each lesson taught by Luminism is designed to encourage humility, compassion, and acceptance in all forms, including the acceptance of death.  Luminism teaches understanding through experience, not instruction. Because of this, there are very few written texts on Luminism outside of those created by Seer Angio. The texts that do exist emphasize the importance of failing; as every being is fallible, every being is made with an imperfection. Said by Seer Angio, "Each flaw is further proof we are all made equal." This saying was designed to follow the doctrine of divinities, powers that are exclusive to the wielder.    In modern times, Luminism is no longer worshipped exclusively by aeons. Myconids, which eventually crossed paths with aeons, have adapted the religion into their culture, and priests can be commonly seen on pilgrimages across several galaxies. It is because of the myconids that Luminism is a widely-known religion. Nomadic cultures have been seen practicing it, as Seer Angio was nomadic himself. It is currently seen as both a religion and a philosophical tradition.
Religious, Organised Religion
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