Ento Hyiw

Dr. Hugo Alexander White (a.k.a. Dr. Ento Hyiw)

"Be brief when you speak. People don't have all day to entertain you."
- Dr. Hyiw
Hugo Alexander White (born July 21st, 85 BE) is a Russian American artist, entomologist, radio personality, roboticist, and writer representing Muthellos of the Sol System. He is credited with the creation of solid light. Hyiw is best known for his science-fiction books, though he has published multiple fantasy and nonfiction books. The name “Ento Hyiw” is the pen name Hyiw used for publishing, though it quickly became his preferred name upon leaving Muthellos and becoming one of its representatives.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Hyiw was born as Mikhail Alexandrovich Podolsky in Palmer Lake, Colorado on Muthellos. His father, Aleksandr Romanovich Podolsky, was a well-known composer, singer, and songwriter. His mother, Anastasia Stepanovna Podolskaya, was a freelance artist. Though the two enjoyed their life in Moscow, Aleksandr wished to explore Muthellos in its entirety and left for America with Anastasia.
  Hyiw's upbringing was humble; he wrote for his local newspaper and composed short pieces as a hobby. Though he was shy and profoundly introverted, he showed impressive skill on guitar and keyboard. He entered talent shows to support his family but otherwise rarely left his home.
  In 72 BE, Hyiw's father became deathly ill and passed away. Devastated by his father's death, Hyiw's performance in school dropped dramatically. Due to Anastasia's dwindling income, Makayla White, a close friend of Anastasia, offered to help raise her son. In December of 70 BE, Anastasia succumbed to the same illness and passed away, leaving Hyiw with White.
  Upon Hyiw's 18th birthday, he dedicated his life to recreating his parents' crafts. Though he had no prior experience in fine arts, he found a style similar to that of his mother and began cultivating his own works. "Though I loved my mother's art and wanted to immortalize it, I could never replicate the soul of her work," Hyiw later said. "Mrs. White was very patient with me despite my coldness towards her."
  Over time, Hyiw's passion for fine arts began to dim, and he took up writing to cope with his grief, publishing works under the name "Ento Hyiw." He received his DFA in creative writing from Colorado College in 64 BE and published his first novel, The Palmer Banshee in 63 BE.

Divine Renaissance and the War of Mythos

  In 59 BE, during the Divine Renaissance, Hyiw awakened his divinity: clairvoyance. With the power to see multiple possible futures, Hyiw predicted the beginning of the Cross-Testament War. He neglected to speak of this vision, saying, "Nobody could possibly be that idiotic."
  Hyiw's clairvoyance provided multiple unexplored directions for his career. With encouragement from Makayla White, Hyiw returned to college and pursued several degrees, most notably robotics and entomology. During his studies, he met Axel Bourgeois, a foreigner from Louisiana, and the two slowly formed a bond.
  In 52 BE, however, Hyiw witnessed the beginning of the Cross-Testament War, an event that reaffirmed his fear of death. He founded PFO (Prophets of the Final Hours) in 50 BE, during World War IV (often called the War of Mythos), foretelling the downfall of humanity. In 38 BE, Makayla White succumbed to the effects of Zhizn's absence and passed away. White's death broke Hyiw's faith, and he has since considered himself apatheistic. In honor of White, Hyiw changed his name to Hugo Alexander White.  

Great Eschaton

Hyiw was one of the engineers enlisted by Axel Bourgeois to construct the NWS-Atlas. His acceptance aboard the NWS-Atlas was unusually quiet and relatively ignored among the controversy surrounding Russia. It was not until his fifth year in space that Hyiw began several projects to entertain himself, one of which resulted in the creation of solid light. Without his community on Muthellos, however, this technology went unnoticed, though Hyiw still incorporates it into most of his work.


Writing and Radio

Hyiw began his career writing short stories of varying genres, most notably fantasy. As writing became a means of communication and wish-fulfillment for Hyiw, much of his personal life bled into his work. Hyiw's works were often controversial due to their bleak and critical analysis of mankind; he was an astonishingly quick writer whose novels were never published far from the event that inspired them.   Ironically, this infamy revealed Hyiw's effectiveness in provoking responses from readers. He shared a radio channel, ABEH, with Axel Bourgeois where he discussed social and political issues from a nonbiased perspective. Outside of his novels, ABEH was the only lens through which Hyiw's character could be seen.
Representative Of
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Smartest Man Alive
Planet Representative
Date of Birth
July 21st, 85 BE
Year of Birth
85 BE 300 Years old
Palmer Lake, Colorado, Muthellos
Parents (Adopting)
Bald, black moustache
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6'4" or 1.93m
190 lbs or 86.2 kg
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements


Hyiw's peers described him as "unapologetically abrasive" and "as soon to praise your virtues as to demean your wit." He spoke sparingly and only when necessary, saddling Axel Bourgeois with the task of clarifying Hyiw's curt speech. Combined with the tone of his novels, Hyiw became known as cheerless to some and outright hostile to others. Fitting to his character, Hyiw declined to explain his behavior, preferring others to interpret his mindset for him.
"Modern literature is very creative, and I love most works I read, but I don't think there's much of a point in talking about what I love about it. You don't need flowery language to say you've enjoyed something."
- Hyiw on modern literature
  Hyiw was an introvert and disliked praise for his works. In the face of praise, however, he was humble and only wished to be seen as honest if not truthful. To offset the grim tone of his writing, he would occasionally publish lighthearted and whimsical short stories, most of which were geared toward young demographics. These works were relatively successful, though they were consistently less popular than his novels. 

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