East Eden Voidist Pillar


The East Eden Voidist PillarĀ was a religious organization devoted to the practice, administration, and dissemination of Voidism, an ancient religion founded in opposition to Luminism, which still exists today. Though Voidism was, according to the aeons, once a widely practiced religion among their people, its self-destructive practitioners and the creation of the Scalebacks led to its violent repression in modern times. It is classified as a dangerous cult by intergalactic law.   Voidism was founded by King Bertrand de Eden, a proto-human that ruled over the planet Eden. Upon his death, Voidism faded into obscurity, though its effects can still be felt in modern times. It's believed his teachings have reached Muthellos, but there is no evidence supporting this theory.   The East Eden Voidist Pillar is the only known pillar of Voidism; the Twilight Wars resulted in the genocide of all known Voidists and the destruction of their places of worship. Somehow, the East Eden Voidist Pillar survived the Twilight Wars.   The East Eden Voidist Pillar is responsible for the shattering of over four hundred thousand aeons, 70% of which were known Voidists. The pillar can be found on the planet Eden, where it is currently used to educate the public about the history of the Twilight Wars and the atrocities committed against aeons and Scalebacks.

"Life Beyond Life"

Secret, Religious sect

Post-war Voidism

Following the death of King Bertrand de Eden after the Twilight Wars, the open practice or support of Voidism was prohibited in several galaxies, most notably the Milky Way Galaxy. Since the discovery of Muthellos, the Zenith Confederacy has taken notice of Scientology, a religious movement with ideals that overlap with Voidism. Despite concerns among aeons and homosuchii, the Zenith Confederacy has declined direct contact with Muthellos.

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