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Queen of Serpents

Created by Dryant

Queen Eldess (a.k.a. Elder Serpent)

Eldess is the name of a Great Serpent that is the most powerful and oldest of the serpents, having existed for longer than any other being on Earth. Eldess went by many names throughout her life, but the Great Serpents only know her as the Elder Serpent and the Primordial Queen.

Divine Domains

Eldess' domains are Water, Snakes and Life.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Eldess had always been roamed the Earth's oceans for thousands of years, watching the world change all around her. She interacted with the Giant race of old Lemuria, being revered as a goddess. When the Giants were exiled from their homeland, Eldess did nothing to stop it. It was her duty to guard the world and not just one race. The queen of serpents came to the southeast Asian and Indian coasts, being worshipped by the humans as the Naga.   Eldess had explored the Scandinavian seas and became known to the humans native to the land as Jormungandr, the World Serpent. She had spent her time swimming across the oceans and was never seen since the time of ancient civilizations.

Divine Classification
Primordial Being
Great Serpents

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