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Heaven's Shadow

Year 1 of Apocalypse

It has come, the darkest age of the multiverse. In the beginning, there was nothing but the void. Time hadn't existed until everything else burst forth, reaching far and wide across the cosmos. Two powerful beings existed in the beginning; Sirius but the other's name has been lost to time. The first realm that Sirius had created was the Garden of Dreams, a world of his purest design. The dark brother of Sirius, the great other that has not been named, sought to destroy all that Sirius had created. The dark one tried, and Sirius took notice instantly. In order to stop his dark brother, he trapped him in the shade of the world tree's canopy. A trap, however, that would not last for long.   As time went on, more worlds were made by Sirius. Many thrived, but the dark one who would be called the Dark Lord, planted the seeds of corruption to destroy the worlds that his brother created. There was one world, called Gaia Primordial Superior. This world was the most advanced out of all worlds, both in magic and technology. It would not last, as the apocalypse came to their realm. A tainted Ent named Leander steals a magical ring, and a curse to cast on Gaia, bringing about disaster and disease. It would be hundreds of years before the world could recover.   A child was born four hundred years after the apocalypse, Cyndryn. Born in an unforgiving world of cruelty and corruption, Cyndryn is thrust into a journey to defeat a great evil. At an academy for users of magic, Cyndryn goes through a portal into a grove, Leander's Grove. An Ent saves Cyndryn's life but asks for him to take the Fruit of Life. The young man finds the Fountain Dancer, someone in the cursed grove who tasks him to find five relics from the past to defeat Leander. Only four had been found, and Leander wielded the fifth. In defeat, Cyndryn surrenders to the will of the dark Ent. Now is the time to call to arms, the second apocalypse is coming. The Great War has begun.