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Port Silver

Port Silver

The Founding City of Lyoness   Port silver is a city of history, you can see it in every building and wall built. Each and every building from dockside all the way out to the high hills on the north has been built from recycled boats or hand whittled wood, the look results in a very haphazard and rustic look to the city.  


Port Silver was the original landing place when the humans came to Lyoness.   (Inspiration: An old English town by the sea, pirates, Tortuga)  


port silver.png


Port Silver.png


    Approximately 15600.  


  A council of 12 pirate families run Port Silver, only one of the pirates is known and he is called 'The Face' knowledge of the other 11 is unknown.

Notable Places:

A tall spire of weathered stone placed to mark the Battle of Thorn Hill.   The Shrine of Obad-hai: A bronze statue of Obad-hai, Lord of nature, said to bestow favour to those who leave an offering.   An ancient abbey ruins, which appears restored upon the night of the solstice.   Andrew's Carvings: A large woodcarver's workshop, carved out of the trunk of a large oak tree.   The Dryad's Tree: A great tree stands here, gnarled with age but green and strong. It is said to be the home of a dryad, and that anyone who kisses the tree will be lucky for the rest of the day.   The Axe of Lightning: An elegant elven tavern, built within an ancient tower of rune-carved stone.  

Notable NPCs:

  Eryn Wellsev 'The Face': Female Human. Eryn is exceptionally beautiful, with auburn hair and soft brown eyes. She wears leather armour and wields a short sword and dagger.   Evet: Female Dwarf Cleric. Evet has an angular face, with matted red hair and narrow brown eyes. She wears plate mail and wields a mace. Evet is compassionate and righteous, a worshiper of St Cuthbert.   Hilia Finchey: Female Elf Fighter, Hilia has brown hair and amber eyes. She wears plate mail and wields a military pick.   Elean: Female Human Priest. Elean has copper hair and large hazel eyes. She wears modest garments and a feathered hat. Elean is practical and adaptable.   Grewyn: Male Human Alchemist, Good. Grewyn has matted gray hair and sharp blue eyes. He wears fine clothing and a feathered hat. Grewyn is chivalrous and compassionate.   Rione Verne: Female Human Alchemist. Rione has braided auburn hair and brown eyes, and an unusual scar on her neck. She wears well-made clothing and an amulet of luminous crystal. Rione has an animal companion, a black rat named Richye.   Inen: Female Human. Inen has golden hair and brown eyes. She wears leather armour and wields a dagger and darts. Inen is industrious and heroic.   Yarr'Q: Male Human Fighter and well-known pirate. Yarr'Q is rugged in appearance, with grey hair and soft blue eyes. He wears Padded Leather and wields a shortsword made of sharp bone.   Raffolk Porte: Male Human Fighter. Raffolk has black hair, light blue eyes and walks with a limp. He wears banded mail and wields a battle axe and shield. Raffolk has an animal companion, a black wolf named Alix.   Vyncent: Male Human Merchant. Vyncent has auburn hair and grey eyes. He wears modest garments and a wide-brimmed hat. Vyncent dislikes having people behind him.
Large town

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