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Heart Filled With Shadows

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Filled with adventure and danger this world is being taken over by a tyrant that has taken the throne after his late half-brother died. Magic has been outlawed and those born with it are put to death in a mandatory showing. Humans have been thought and led to believe that dwarves, faeries, valkyries, and daemons have been killed and no longer have "power" over them. Yet for some reason they are still at war? no one knows why or who they are fighting. Not until you turn eighteen and are sent to the front lines in this seemingly neverending war. Teleah spends every minute of every day fighting to survive and provide for her younger sister and twin older brothers. Non is the wiser to her wolf friend that has been with her since she can remember watching over her and has saved her life on countless occasions. Has her protector and servant that Teleah has no memories of.