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To-brings Froe

Wile the people of Larrule were exploring, they found a archipelago were a race of lizard-like people (known as Lizardfolk) were inhabiting this area. They spoke Draconic, a language known to some of the original explorers, they taught them Common, but the Lizardfolk learned Common in relation to Draconic and so they speak in actions, this is detailed better in the section about Lizardfolk.


Lush forest in the first and second main island a mountain on the third, and a large lake in the middle of the fourth. These four island are the largest of the archipelago about as large as an average town each. The rest are very small, usually not 100 feet in width.

Fauna & Flora

The forests and lake sport lush trees and many beasts, wile the mountains have many elementals, such as mephits.

Natural Resources

There is a lot of access to wood and water, but uneven terrain makes for bad farmland.

Alternative Name(s)
Lizards-home, Grandnd

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