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What is diesel-powered cyberpunk

Author's note: Inspired by a suggestion from Ka_jan   Diesel-powered cyberpunk stands at the centre between steampunk, dieselpunk and cyberpunk  


The genre as I imagine it takes the retro-futurism with an early 20th century aesthetic and the themes of industrialization and general war from Dieselpunk, combines it with the fatalism, crude exploitation of the population, rapid technological advancement mixed with hyper-capitalism erroding human morality from cyberpunk and finally adds the sense of advanture and hope and heroically standing against the evils of the world so common in steampunk stories.


What does that mean

So that was a lot of words to say that I want a WW1-like scenario where lots of things are bad and the heroes are part of the system but do their best to stand apart from it while using cool and improbable tech.


Following the example of Asimov's idea of the three kinds of science fiction, I believe that stories in the Hazework setting would fall equally into the adventure and social science-fiction category or to paraphrase Asimov's way of explaining it:

Man invents car, gets stuck in a traffic jam, gets out of car and rescues his friends from the accident that caused it


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