Trading Houses


Trading houses are the real powers in Europe with the Grandes Entreprises making up the biggest and most influential. The term Trading House is traditionally used but it encompasses manufacturers, traders, money lenders etc. all the same. Trading Houses scheme daily against each other while they maintain their iron grip on the continent, heedless of the damage they cause against the people or the very land itself.


Grandes Entreprises

The largest trading houses have strongly specialised, partially to avoid unnecessary conflict with each other, but still dabble in each others businesses. They are simply not especially known for products and services outside their niche.


German Empire

Kupferhaus Fugger - main seat in Augsburg

renowned for using the first Söldner against the Société de Le Havre

Specialises in engineering large scale machinery and steel production.



Famiglia Cappello - main seat in Venice

Focuses on micro-scale machinery, especially medical tool and kybernetics. Cappello likewise offers the best training for doctors and kyberneticists outside Switzerland.



Atherton R.C.- main seat in London

Dominates the transport sector with its main pillars, ships, trains, planes and lighter than air vehicles.



Société de Le Havre- main seat in Le Havre, the oldest and largest of the Grandes Entreprises

Feeds all of Europe by specialising on agricultural technology.



@HaNagid - main seat in Córdoba

The spanish Grand Entreprise is the main producer of advanced fuel types and chemical products of all kinds.


Trading Houses

Rhineland Steel Guild


Paris Association for Fine Arts


The Spanish Travellers Organization

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