Theriocephaly describes the mixing of a human body with an animal head, as it appears in art as well as certain mythologies. In modern times though it is used to describe the addition of animal parts in general to a human body and serves as name both for the related field of study, as well as the medical condition. Though thought to be a ludacris idea even still at the end of the 19th century, it is now an unfortunate reality, made possible accidentally as well as intentionally by the mutagenic effects of the Diesel Haze.



Under controlled conditions some animal parts could prove quite useful when made available to a human subject.





Particularly common in population centres surrounding the most poluted parts of the River Themse in England.


Surface parasites

Farmers, especially those with large herds of cows, horses, sheep etc. that find themselves surprised by an occurance of Diesel Haze often find themselves attacked by large swarms of parasitic flies. These insects instinctually flee before the phenomenon and seek shelter wherever possible, be it a house, hollow tree or a poorly protected farmer. These Unfortunates find themselves accosted by often hundreds of flies attempting to crawl into any available orifice or burrow into soft tissue. once the Haze has passed a part of the swarm may leave but some will find themselves fused with their new host, replacing eyes, skin with previously open wounds, the inside of the mouth. Further invasions down the esophagus more than often result in a slow death but it is hard to call those that suffer only from the previously mentioned infections blessed.

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