Hazard City


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In a world where governments mean nothing. Where most of the militaries fell under the control of a group known as Legion. Competition in the private sector fell, with the last company being Polycephaly Industries. Every country, every city, and every town survived at its CEO say so. If they pulled their factories out of the area the town died. Kings and presidents bowed to both Legion's general Arnold Armstrong, and Adam Nazare, the CEO of Polycephaly.   But Hazard City doesn't live under the control of either. The local government must concede power, grants must be given for Legion to enter, and licenses must be given for Polycephaly Industries to build anything. The local government doesn't allow either much to the anger of both. A mysterious figure known as the Kingpin controls the city, and his generals come in the form of the city's criminal empire.   That is until Dylan Price arrives, and the world would change.