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Mabreyd, The Last Faun

Mabreyd is the last of the Faun, a race of creatures created by the Fey to govern over the fabric of existence. He is the main antagonist of the Heroes of the Lost Truth campaign and the creator of the Faun Slayer campaign.   Mabreyd was the last Faun evr created by the Fey. Entrusted with the Lost Truth, a document detailing how the Faun were created, how they got their powers, why they were created, and most importantly, how to kill one. His job was to govern over the Faun and serve as a Justicar to those who committed acts he judged to be unjust.   After a few years of fulfilling his duties both as Justicar and Faun, he came to the realisation that Faun who were executed had their power redistributed to all remaining living Faun, and devised his plot to kill his entire race.   Experimenting with The Duty of the Faun, he created the Faun Slayer campaign. Posing as the voice of a helpless man abused and oppressed by the Faun, he gathered a party of Heroes to exterminate the Faun: Marbreck, Ghost, Salar, Grace, Crystal, and Blaze. United by trauma that had changed them as people, they set off to slay the Faun and restore peace to Haydoria once and for all. Little ddi they know, their trauma was caused systematically by Mabreyd.   Currently Mabreyd resides in the outer region of Haydor, having captured it under the guise of "catching Marbreck" and uses the people to create his own city. He maintains his outward guise of the kind-hearted Faun and manipulates the impoverished people into rising up against Haydor.  



Humanoid Form

In his humanoid form, Mabreyd appears as a human man in his mid 30's with some Goat-like features including a small tail, bovine legs, and horns that curl at the ends. He has redish-brown hair with an unkempt beard.  

Faun Form

In his true form, Mabreyd resembles a devil, with long horns that extend down to his lower back and a hunched apearance. Having the ability to manipulate the fabric of the world, he can fly, change the shape of terrain and objects, and create unbreakbale curses.  



Fake Personality

To most, including initially the party, Mabreyd presents himself as a well-mannered, persecuted Faun who guards the woods and protects those passing through from harm. He tells all he meets of his people's oppression, and uses their sympathy to manipulate them into doing his bidding. He seems kind hearted, but those who see the results of his power often fear him.  

Real Personality

Much like most Faun, Mabreyd is a cruel, uncaring, and vindictive creature, sadistic in his game playing and hungry for power. He will go to any lengths in order to recieve event the smallest morsel of control over Haydoria, and takes pleasure in the killing of the Lesser Races. He sees them as pauns to use in his games and when one dies, it is simply a sacrificed or taken piece; a means to an end  


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