He raised one arm slowly, then the other. His steelbound fingers grasping the air in a feeble attempt to feel something, anything. His face, that which he prided himself on most, was now nothing more than a metallic mask that impersonated his old form. Dread realization shook him to his silent, Blackstone core. His soul was safe, but at what cost?

The fear of death has always dwelled deep within the hearts of all creatures, no matter how well they have come to terms with the finite nature of life. This fear has driven countless down dark paths in the attempt to cheat death. Once undeath replaced the death, this same fear was amplified.

The Warforged are considered a permanent solution to this fear. Eerie, totemic beings that blend the line between man and construct. Though they are crafted from Blackstone and various resources at hand, inside them resides a soul.

Whatever the host’s reasons for shedding their natural form for this construct varies from Warforged to Warforged. But each one knows there is no return.


Golems have been present in common society since early BF. These metallic, humanoid creations were able to perform feats of strength and endurance that the common man could not. It was not until after the End of Finality that the ideas of placing a living soul into one of these golems was logistically sound.

With death no longer a simple line you could accidentally cross, the transference of souls has become a task that could only be described as trivial. It only took the various races within Seawatch seven years to perfect the process of placing a soul within a metallic body. On the 17th of PastRot, 7 AF the first Warforged was created.

At first, these constructs were made purely of steel and Blackstone. It was not until the artisans of the City of Marble began experimenting with marble in 13 AF that there was any variety in Warforged.

With no explanation for its creation, a third type of Warforged was found wandering the Verdant Expanse in 14 AF. She had no recollection of her history or how her body functioned made only of Wyldwood and Blackstone.

Many claim there exists a fourth type of Warforged found deep within the Throat. There has been no evidence backing this claim but the Throat hides many secrets.


Timber Warforged

The most uncommon of Warforged, they are crafted of Wyldwood and Blackstone. With the apperance of sinister, living effigies the Timber Warforged is considered a bad omen. The whispers around Haven say they are emissaries of the Wyldfolk sent to observe before their inevitable assault.

Marble Warforged

Carved from marble and blackstone, the Marble Warforged is more akin to a piece of art than a living creature. Free from the cravings of the flesh, the City of Marble considers them as the epitome of perfection and purity.

Steel Warforged

Forged originally as a means to survive the plague of undeath, the Steel Warforged have been used by both Seawatch and Ravenpeak as a means to control the population. They are viewed with fear by the commonfolk, and rightifully so.

Hollow Bodies

Almost completely hollow most Steel and Marble Warforged are far lighter than they appear upon first inspection. This was done to help them move around quicker and to not destroy structures and roads with their weight.

Shell Trade

Seawatch is known for selling Steel Warforged shells to other cities, namely Ravenpeak. There has only been one instance of trading Marble, The Unseen & Marble Accord.
Genetic Descendants

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