Don't worry about the Tabaxi at the door, she is just there to make sure we all get the best deal available to us. As is the will of Ram.

Common Knowledge

The largest of the three group, the Verdite are a shrewd people who live within the Verdant Expanse. Short, angry, but often charming the Verdite are willing to do anything to better their own lives. Though they do not hold their Gods as close to their heart as others do, they are still compliant to their wishes if it means they get something out of it.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Around 50 years with luck.
Average Height
5'2" to 5'6".
Average Weight
Around 180 pounds.

Quick Notes

  • Verdites are the most common species of Mankind.
  • Generally, most races are more accepting of Verdites than Mohrites or Solmites.
  • Verd, the language originally created by the Verdites, is the most spoken language.

Gameplay Mechanics

Human, Verdite

Ability Scores: Choose any two +1
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft.
Size. Verdites average around 5'2" to 5'6" feet tall. Your size is Medium.

Skilled Labor

You gain proficiency in one skill, tool, or language of your choice.

Verdant Abundance

The Verdant Expanse is a land of abundance in both food and water, this has allowed you to grow where others could not. Whenever you gain a level, your hit points maximum increases by an additional 2 hit points.


You can speak, read, and write Common and one Beastfolk language of your choice.


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