Unseen Valley

Cataloged by Elias Dods

Said to be the birthplace of this world, the Unseen Valley is an epicenter for the Unseen Faith.


The Unseen Valley is nestled at the center of six great mountains deep within the Throat of the World. So far from the grips of the modern age that some who live here have never seen the world outside the mountain range. Each mountain peak is perpetually covered in snow and ice, periodically shrouded bin misty clouds. The fertile valley nestled between the mountains is a marvel in the middle of the icy tundra. As snow gave way to cool rock and rock to lush grass life consumed what ice and snow attempted to destroy. A vast river thunders down from the third mountain peak fed by timeworn waterfalls. At the center of the lush fields of grass, sparse sproutings of trees and fed from the vast river was a vast crystal blue lake that reflected the sky above in ways only the gods have words to express.

Flora & Fauna

The tall grass here is as lush and vibrant as those found in the Verdant Expanse, the trees delicate and ancient both sheltered from the chaotic outside world. The beauty and peace here is nearly unheard of and it is among one of the few places wild prey animals still roam. The careful balance of the ecosystem is as strange as the valley's placement, only reinforcing it's strange and mystical appeal. The valley's most common food crop is the native artic rice that lives in a symbiotic relationship with the Ember Blossom which is just as numerous as the rice plants in the valley.

Natural Resources

The valley provides. It always gives you exactly what you're really looking for. -Overheard monk proverb
  Life grows abundant here and because of that food has always been adequate, in fact everything in the valley could be described as that: just enough. Just enough trees, just enough fish to fill their bellies, just enough room for a grand temple.
Alternative Name(s)
Minerva's Valley, Unseen Eden
Location under
Throat of the World


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