The Grand Monastery

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When I arrived at the Great Temple I was but a boy, naive and full of spirit. As a man I became a monk and watched as all I had grown to love crumbled around me. Yet, we forge ahead and bloom anew searching for that peace we all crave in these chaotic times. A peace only our teachings can bring.
— From the works of Master Solas Solari
  The ancient walls of the Grand Monastery house millennia of knowledge and wisdom passed down from master to pupil within the teachings of the Unseen Order. Generations of monks have searched for enlightenment within its sacred halls becoming some of the realms greatest philosophers, writers, poets or even warriors in the process. Great secrets hide in the shadows of the temple and centuries of history heaped among them all under the watchful gaze of the Unseen Faith. A place to hone one's body and devote oneself to spiritual teachings all within the safety of the valley of the six peaks.

Purpose / Function

The Grand Monastery is said to be among the first buildings constructed on the surface of Haven by the children of Minerva. Over the centuries the once small temple has reached grand heights, now towering over the surrounding mountains and housing hundreds of monks. It serves as a self-sufficient bastion in a merciless land of ice, snow, and treacherous peaks.


Over the millennia the temple has had great towers erected and wings expanded, terraced gardens and magnificent statues commissioned. If you could go back and peer upon the first temple you would find it unrecognizable to the one that now stands. It is all too easy to spot the dozens of different colored stones expertly carved over the years to blend with the designs around them, creating an intricate and ever-expanding mosaic.


Almost the entire monastery superstructure is constructed from stone harvested from the mountain or bought from traders in the Solemn Expanse. The temple is ever expanding its foundations to better accommodate even more levels and lofty towers. The facade of the building has been covered by wooden adornments or carved in an intricate pattern morphing and twisting with the changing of stone types and artists over the years. When the sun sets or rises the shadows cast on the walls of the temple, and across the patterns, create mesmerizing and haunting patterns of light to amaze onlookers.


Alternative Names
The Great Temple, The Solas Seculari, The Blessed Peak
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
The Unseen Temple

Notable Sites

Minerva's Garden

The lush green oasis that envelopes the valley of the six peaks. Life thrives in its green embrace while the world outside shrivels and cracks under the icy cold of the mountains. The Monk's believe this to be the birthplace of man in Haven and let nothing harm the blessed grove.

Ouranos Observatory

An enormous observatory built to gaze upon the heavens above and chronicle the prophecies hidden in their shifting depths. In recent months the observatory has been shuttered and sealed.

Cradle of Oceanus

The crystal blue lake of water at the center of the valley of the six peaks is believed to be the birthplace of Oceanus. Its waters said to have mystical properties and that to bath in its sacred waters is the closest mortal man can come to Oceanus' titanic presence.

The Six Peaks

The six massive mountains that encircle the green valley where The Unseen Temple is built. Legends say Terras herself cradles the valley from harm, protecting it from the outside world and preserving the birthplace of her children.

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