The Convocation of Mages


The Convocation is an organization built around the prestige of ones schooling, the length of their study, and whether one comes from a family of spellcasters. Seniority and power dictate who take on the mantles of responsibility.

Demography and Population

The senior members of the Convocation almost always tend towards the longer lived


The primary holdings of the organization exist as the three major schools of magical teaching in Seawatch. There is the Academy of Wizardly Arts at the city's center, home to the most exclusive and versatile arcane teachings where only the greatest wizards are trained. Then of course the Institute of Grand Sorcery where the strength of magic is flaunted and the innately gifted are revered. And finally, the University of Arcane Studies where a basic education is given to most common wizardly folk and where many of those who inclined towards the arcane get their start.

Foreign Relations

The Convocation has deep ties to the city of Seawatch, without whose existence the Convocation's might would never have reached such titanic heights.


Full membership to the Convocation requires a minimum 8 years of study at one of the exalted Halls of learning in Seawatch or apprenticeship under a recognized member.

Til de magri, de makt.

Education, Magic
Alternative Names
The Mages, The Conclave
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Nearly all official dealings of the Convocation are paid on the credit of the organizations name. All debts will always be paid, and no fool would dare impersonate a Convocation wizard.
Legislative Body
The Convocation Council determines the course of the mages who claim membership within the order.
Judicial Body
The Convocation Council is not only responsible for the creation of the collectives rules but also the harsh enforcement of them as well. Their is no mercy in the Convocation and once judgement had been passed, nothing stops its execution.


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