Lady of Death

Within the depths of Oceanus’ realm Thanatas was born and a harsh balance was brought to the world. The day and night were split, the beaches drawn, and nature given purpose. Under her rule the world was made equal and fair, never again would the scales tip.

Scroll of the Unseen, Part VI

The secrets Oceanus harbored hidden in his domain would lie and fester for millennia as the world prospered on the earth that strangled him. Only when they formed the fierce Thanatas did the world see balance for the first time since its creation. Ouranos became the judge and Thanatas his balanced hand as they brought order to the earth and sky. Solas was split from his father given dominion of the day and Ouranos the quiet of the night. Terras was given peace as Thanatas drove Oceanus back and drew the beaches and coastlines of the world. Minerva’s rampant growth was halted and given consequence and purpose, life would have meaning and an end. All in the world was given balance, the scales of the wise Ouranos finally equal.

Adendum of the Prophet Solas Solari:

The blessed Lady of Death, struck down by the unfaithful Nine has unbalanced the world. Life has no equal, the oceans no warden, and the sky no champion. None can say when the balance of the world will truly tip one way or the other but it is only a matter of time. We must task ourselves with her divine duty, to purify and balance the land as she once did.

Divine Domains

Death, Rest, Silence, Order, Balance.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A single white skull upon a white background.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady Death, Queen of Souls, Mother Silence.
Circumstances of Death
Slain by the unfaithful Nine.
Current Residence
Death's Cradle

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