Teachings of the Unseen: Ki

To be at peace with the world around you and what lies within yourself. That is the path to mastery of your KI.
— From the writings of Solas Solari
  To understand KI you must first understand the connection of all living things in our world. From the blades of grass, to the mother in childbirth, and the roiling flames of an inferno we are all connected. It is the study of how to manipulate this energy that gives monks their power. It is through intense mental, physical and spiritual journeys that monks matter their KI and learn to channel and manipulate it. Manipulation of your KI can make your body as weightless as air, your strikes as hard as steel and as fast as the wind, or even allow you to twist the world around you. Some monks learn to weaponize their bodies, others learn to summon the elements to their aid, or make even drunken shambling a fighting style to be feared. It is with KI that mere men are given inhuman abilities.


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