Sun Pearl

Penned by: Elias Dods

Common Knowledge

A unique arcane focus produced by the Tritons beneath the waves near the Ziggurat of Shadiym. To the mundane eye, a Sun Pearl is nothing more than an enormous pearl while the magically inclined can recognize it for what it truly is. Each pearl is comprised of the magical remnants left over from a Triton corpse is fed to a Suneater Clam. The process is a closely held secret of the Triton craftsmen but the end result is an exceptional arcane focus nearly indestructible by non-magical means.  

Giant Pearls

Most Sun Pearls are around the size of a softball but some can get as large as basketballs and the priests of Shadiym are rumored to even have one larger than a man. The size of Sun Pearls is only limited by the size of the Suneater Clam and the number of bodies fed to it.
Black Pearl by Gulaman Tart
Item type
2-5 lbs.
Base Price

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