Stories of the Nine: Ancient Creation

It is to be noted that all faithful should learn the original beliefs of our ancestors, no matter how strange they may appear. Though the accounts of creation are still a mystery to us, we have no reason to believe this story to be no more than a common parable.
— Remarks of Elder Vallian, 673 BF.

Chapter 1

Before man, there was life.1 Before life, there was Haven.2 Before Haven, there was Ravare.3 Before Ravare, there was nothing.4 This nothingness was vast beyond size and echoed with silence. But then through the silence came the first sound.5 A great voice, beyond everythingness and nothingness, spoke out, "BE."6 And so Ravare was, and has been, and always will BE.7

Chapter 2

At first the land was dark. Formless. Filled with wild order and rigid chaos.1 But the voice spoke yet again, "GROW." And Ravare grew.2 Water began to fall from the skies in great waves drowning the creatures of chaos, their bodies floating to create land.3 As the flesh of the creatures sank to the bottom of the endless oceans their bones pierced the skies and hardened under the gaze of the voice.4 These skeletal mountains protected the land from the storms, allowing life to grow upon the land. 5  

Chapter 3

As trees began to form and the beasts began to prowl, the voice spoke one last time, "LEARN." And so the beasts began to learn.1 Harnassing the gifts given to them by the voice, the beasts began to alter the world around them just as their creator had. The beasts learned ways to harness magic before even speaking their first words.2 Knowledge without wisdom is always a dangerous thing. This magic that was given to them quickly became both a tool and a weapon to use against themselves. Many lands have been shattered by the races and many more are to be shattered.3 Use not the gift of magic in haste but in careful planning.4  
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