When I first witnessed a Stienslt I must say I was in awe of such a hefty vehicle and the avalanche it rode. It was a sight to see such a small team of men effortlessly pull ropes, shift weights and the prow of a great stone ship shifting to their whim. Their helmsmen are among the most elite in Goliath society, being vital to not only clearing the way for their traveling tribe but also trading with other tribes. I discovered, rather abruptly, that traveling on foot near these stone sleds leads to a snowy burial and a rather embarrassing conversation with your rescuers.   When I was permitted a close study of the vessel I was quite astonished by the intricacies of its craftsmanship. It was as detailed and intricate as any dwarven carving but with an elegance not seen often in the stern people. The sled itself was fashioned after a rowboat but featured a much more pronounced rounded keel most likely to help it stay straight in the dense snow. Sadly the ride in one of these elegant vessels would be better described by the word: bone-jarring. I was battling to remain inside the vessel as each bump and drop was followed by a world-shattering crash.


The Stienslt uses its own weight to propel itself down the steep mountain slopes. Through a simple system of breaks, sails and a good knowledge of control over the craft, expert Goliath journeymen can steer the weighty sleds.

Armor and defense

Each Stienslt is carved from the very rock that makes up the Throat of the World, an incredibly dense bedrock that lends itself quite well to the strange practice.

Stone sleds, mountain carriages.
500 gp
15 feet
4.5 feet
1.5 feet
1200 lbs
4 mph
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
100 lbs & 2 passengers


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