Spider's Walk

Created by Wiredin.

Common Knowledge

The winding staircase that leads up to Everfalls . It is believed to be one of the oldest structures in town and its slippery and treacherous steps are instrumental in the town’s defense.


As time, water, and strong winds have eroded the steps, the Walk has been recarved at least twice over its lifetime. There are now three distinct paths up to Everfalls, but only one of them is deemed safe.


First Edition
The first walkway was simple, hand-carved steps that only allowed a single-file line up the cliff face. Moss now covers most of these steps making the climb dangerous, if not impossible.
Second Edition
Though still hand-carved, the steps were made wide enough and long enough that someone could carry goods with them as they traversed up the cliff. These steps remain in decent condition but the little railing that once existed has now rotted away or have crashed down to the base of the cliff.
Third Edition
As a gift from the Prideeye Family to Everfalls, the final edition of the Spider's Walk was carved by a dwarven mason and fitted with sturdy railing. Sadly, a steady trickle of water has caused even this route to be fairly unsafe.


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