Solith is where the campaign currently resides. I have strong doubts that the campaign will ever leave this continent so most of my effort will be focused on this sole continent.


The home continent of the campaign, Solith is found near the center of Ravare and is one of the larger continents. Travel beyond Solith is nearly impossible but is known to attract the attention of other civilizations, drawing them in with its massive size. The most recent of these stragglers to be drawn in is the Kushtaka.

Regions of Solith

The governing bodies of Solith have separated the continent into four major regions with their boundaries normally created by natural landscapes such as mountain ranges or bodies of water.


Known as the Land of the Undying, Haven has become an isolated region over the last hundred years. The region is known for its many tragedies but none so prominent as the Fall of Lady Death.

Haven is further organized into several smaller regions known as known as the Five Expanses. Though separate, every Expanse is plagued by the endless tides of the Unfallen.

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