Solemn Expanse

plains by Jung Park
The Northern region of Haven. Seperated from the Verdant Expanse by Twin Peaks and the Graywater River. It is considered the most dangerous Expanse in Haven after Orswall's Demise and the hordes of blight-infested Unfallen have claimed most of the region.

The Domination of Man

Manfolk have dominated the Solemn Expanse since the founding of The City of Marble, likely even before. First the Mohnag were banished to the Parched Expanse and then the Beastfolk were hunted to near extinction before they found safety within the Verdant Expanse.When the Faefolk arrived from The Wyld they did not even attempt to go further than the Twin Peaks.

Land of Blight

A dark, sickly green fluid seems to be seeping from the city of Scourge. The further it reaches the more dangerous the Solemn Expanse becomes. Touching this fluid, known as Blight, leads to a quick transformation to a new breed of Unfallen. The process is painful, gruesome, and common.

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