Lord of the Sun

His light was like radiance given form and his greatness was unmatched, those he shined upon were destined for grand heights.

Scroll of the Unseen, Part IV

At the dawn of time, as Ouranos gazed down upon the world with his many eyes the luster they bathed the world in gave birth to Solas. His body became the sun and warmed the land, bringing his blessed radiance to the earth below his father’s domain. Terras betrayed by her child found a comfort in the son of the sky, who streaked across the sky beside the moon each day to warm her flesh and comfort her from the torment of Oceanus. When man was born Solas took special care of the children of the earth, delivering his blessing to the best and brightest so they may lead their kin towards greatness. All was bright in the world until Thanatas rose from the depths of the sea and split the day from the night, the oceans from the earth and brought balance to the land.

Divine Domains

Sun, Forging, Heroes, Kings, Light, Flame.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The sun giving rays of light.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Father of Heroes, Master of Legends, Kingmaker, Sun Father, The Light.

Further Reading

The Unseen Temple
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