Slaver's Guild

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Common Knowledge

Established within Ravenpeak in 683 BF by six families deeply entwined with the slave trade, the Slaver's Guild was to be used as an instrument of destruction of any competition. It only took the Guild five years to establish themselves within most cities of Haven as a tool for fearmongering the populace. It is well-known that the punishment for tax evasion is generational enslavement.

Much of the resources of the Slaver's Guild is now spent on keeping their trade routes safe from the bombardment of Unfallen. Once a simple task of harvesting the smaller villages for their flesh-crop, successfully capturing slaves has become an arduous task with the ever-present fear of creating an Unfallen horde.

Once Six, now Four

Two of the Founding Families, as the Guild has deemed them, were lost to a crusade lead by Lucious Stonefaith, a Dwarven priest of Argous. The attack was sudden and masterfully executed as the zealots slaughtered hundreds, if not a thousand members of the Slaver's Guild and Ravenpeak's elite. With a vacant slot within the aristocracy families, Everheart Family and Fairfletched Family were quick to fill them.

With the Slaver's Guild earning such a high position in Ravenpeak, the Scallon Family family of Graystone and Levkeeper clan in Seawatch had an easy time convincing the remaining merchants, nobles and clergy that the practice of slavery was just and should be protected.
The Families
The Scallon Family, leading the Guild from Graystone.
The Fairwetch Family, established within Ravenpeak.
The Everheart Family, established within Ravenpeak.
The Levkeeper Family, fighting for every inch of power within Seawatch.
The Ravenwood Family and Tellasal Family were lost to the crusade.

Family First

The Slaver’s Guild prefers to do most of their work themselves and thus open as few doors as possible to new competition, but they are not afraid to use the Shacklegiver caravans for retrieving slaves. The law now states that slavery can only be levied as a punishment to those who don’t pay their taxes, but some slaves are without a doubt enslaved nonetheless without such a cause and simply whipped into submission.

Slaver's Ball

The event that is credited to the political success of the Guild within Ravenpeak, known as the First Slaver's Ball, is now held annually on the 9th of NewGrowth.

Minor Organizations

Shacklegivers A number of enslavement caravans known as Shacklegivers are known to travel around in Haven, doing work for the Slaver's Guild. These caravans are known for either harvesting slaves that have yet to pay off their debts or purchasing any and all prisoners that may be found across Haven. Purchased or harvested, the newly acquired flesh is branded by the caravan and sold to the Slaver's Guild.

Whispers of Haven

On Farknell

The Slaver's Guild has claimed they had nothing to do with the capture and eventual trade of the people of Farknell. Why then does the Scallon Family claim they did it in the name of the Guild?


Wealth Immeasurable

At least one-fourth of Haven's currency is within the Slaver's Guild's coffers. Members have claimed that they have hidden vaults spread throughout the region filled with coin, gems, and even artifacts.

Life for a Price

Founding Date
683 BF
Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
Shackler's Guild
Subsidiary Organizations


The nickname Hordebringers has been given to the Slaver's Guild after the unsuccessful harvest of Farknell that lead to a massive horde. The Guild claims to have had nothing to do with the harvest but the nickname still remains.


Quality Rent Own
Flesh Slave 5 Gold per year. 200 gold.
Working Slave 15 gold per year. 600 gold.
Skilled Slave 200 gold per year. 8,000 gold.

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