Common Knowledge

Found deep within the Shardtooth the mining village of Slate may be the only place left untouched by the Unfallen hordes. Despite this, fatalities amongst the miners are much higher than any other mine within the Verdant Expanse. It has become customer that half the ore mined is traded for more labour.

Whispers of Haven

Waystones of Old

A few merchants have claimed that Slate has ways to transport their mineral goods from the Shardtooth without needing any manpower. How could they manage this?


It is said that Slate remains untouched by the Unfallen. Could it be true?


Though technically under the control of Graystone, Slate is ran by the Miner's Guild. As such, the mining village are never bothered to pay taxes and are rarely visited by the Slaver's Guild.


Founded in 5 AF.

General Information


Quick Notes

  • Though it may rain in Slate, many of the locals still deal in water rather than gold.

Notable NPCs

Slate Militia
  • Captain Marthog, Leader of the Slate Militia


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