Sev's Passage

Recorded by Elias Dods

It was my deepest honor to be permitted into the Passage of one Murl Kalzongath and his wonderful family. To say it was an odd spectacle would not give it justice. The very human concept of death and memorial becomes a blended circus of both. A lifetime of stories and faces drifting in and out of a weeklong celebration of lifelong accomplishment. Death seems not to have claws it does in other societies I have witnessed, a strange occurence of complete cultural acceptance of the end.

Transmission & Vectors

According to the legend of the Ageless Triton, Triton's unique passage into death is part of their bargain for everlasting youth.


Seven days before a Triton's hundredth year they experience the cold grip of aging for the first time since they reached maturity. As a Triton nears their last days of life their body begins to grow weak, their usual slick vibrant skin turned to a sickly gray and dried like underwater jerky.


Weakness Grey skin Dry skin Coughs Dizziness Rapid heartbeat. Rapid breathing. Sunken eyes. Sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion. Loss of consciousness. Death.


Sev's Passage marks the last seven days of a Triton's life. There is no escaping a deal such as this.


It is of my belief that perhaps a Triton may survive if they were take on the shell of a Warforged. Perhaps even they may find a mystical artifact that preserves one after the end of their natural life. It is a subject of heated debate within the professors of Seawatch


This affliction only affects those Triton who have reached 100 years of age.

Cultural Reception

When a Triton begins their Sev's Passage their last week of life is filled with joy and happiness. Family and friends flock to their side to honor them in life as they will in death.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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