It was a plague that got 'em, they reckin'. Entire city was locked up tighter than a hound's jaw while everyone died inside. Nothing left now but blight and undead. Can't even get close to the place these days.

Common Knowledge

Once a prospering city well-known for its defenses, Scourge is now a wasteland of Blight and Undeath. Though little is known is known about the city after its demise, all travel through the Solemn Expanse now must avoid it like the plague it has become.

Whispers of Haven

Rivers of Blight

Originally Blight was thought to just be minor inconvience, a freak accident of magic and undeath. But then why does it keep flowing from Scourge in small streams and rivers?

Location under
Solemn Expanse

Before Fall

  • 975 BF

    Founding of Orswall

    Known for its walls of stone and lumber, Orswall is founded upon the premise of safety in numbers as it rests on the harsh Solemn Expanse.

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After Fall

  • 4 AF

    4 AF


    Orswall's Demise
    Disaster / Destruction

    Plague quickly overcomes the population of Orswall. Those in charge have the gates collapsed to rubble to stop the plague from spreading. It takes only a month for the last living person to give in to unlife, leaving the city a haunted waste of starving undead. Orswall is renamed Scourge as a warning.

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  • 13 AF

    Blight Discovered
    Discovery, Scientific

    Vile pools of green, scalding liquid are found gathering around the city of Scourge. This liquid has unique property that forces undeath upon anything that touches it. Trade between the Verdant Expanse and the Solemn Expanse is nearly decimated.

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