A big thanks to Humm for making them look magical.

Common Knowledge

Runewards are large, flat stones that hold arcane or druidic sigils. The most common use is for defensive warding, such as the Wyldwood Wards, but they have also been used to set up traps such as the Pyroglethum Wards that spews dark fire when weight is applied.

Wyldwood Wards

The most common Runewards are found around the Wyld and are the primary force stopping the Jungle of Madness from spreading into more of the Verdant Expanse. It is the primary duty of Clan Gerthas to maintain these wards.
Wyldwood Ward

Some Ancient, Some New

Runewards have been used since Sigils were first used by ancient people. As Sigil creation has become more complex throughout the years they have grown far more useful than the older Runewards that could only do things such as "Make Hot" or "Explode".


Author's Notes

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