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Considered the capital of the Faefolk, Ravenpeak is one of the oldest cities within Haven. Being led by the secretive Raven Court, the city has almost secluded itself off from the politics of the rest of the world.

The city is broken into three sections starting with the Peak, followed by the Inner Court, and ending in the Outer Court. It is rare for anyone but natives to ever even glimpse the Inner Court. The Peak is reserved purely for the Raven Court, and its leaders Ram and Lament.

Raven Court

Secretive, cruel, and overpresent the Raven Court manages the entirety of Ravenpeak. They have countless spies and assassins that wander Haven in the name of goals known only by the Raven Court.

Army of Living Steel

Ravenpeak is well-known for its army of Steel Warforged. To the royalty, being transformed into a mere tool is the ultimate punishment. A punishment the leading Wartechs of Ravenpeak have perfected.


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Before Fall

  • 347 BF

    Founding of Ravenpeak

    The newly established Elvenkind trade their arcane secrets with the Dwarves of Trumnig Quarry (Glass Sea) in exhange for a capital to be built purely of Blackstone. Aided by magic and a few rented Golems, the city was constructed quickly.

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  • 683 BF

    Slaver's Guild Founded

    Six families, all with deep ties to the slave trade, meet within Ravenpeak to form the Slaver's Guild. As coin was passed around quickly, little political resistance led them to quickly take root.

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After Fall


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