The Material Plane

Most of this information is not known by any of the existing player characters but is here to help readers understand the scale of my setting. It is also useful for remembering what I named things.


Ravare is the name for the physical plane that the setting resides in. Consisting primarily of titanic oceans and massive landmasses, this nearly endless, flat plane predates any history or myth known to mortals or their deities. While some argue that Ravare was created others insist that it always has been and always will be.



This is where the entire campaign takes place, a single continent amongst the endless waves of the dark oceans that surround it. Ravare has been organized into four major regions; the verdant plains of Haven, the sunbathed highlands of the Moorwald, the endless jungle hellscape of Los'Mozakas, and the subterranean region of Gorgeth with its countless secrets.

It is doubtful the campaign well ever exist outside of Solith, but that does not mean there are not other continents for you to explore if you find a way across the dark oceans.


A distant land of steel, fire, and gunpowder that is only known to the Kushtaka. It is run by a theocratic empire that has nearly committed genocide upon any species that is not Human. The City of Marble believes that if this empire was to land on the shores of Solith, there would be very little chance they could be stopped.
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Spoken of only of in ancient Eld text, the continent of Manis may be the continent where the Archfey that the ancient Eld used to worship originated. If only the texts would give them a forward answer.
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Alternative Name(s)
Known World, Material Realm
Dimensional plane
Included Locations


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Besides a few typos this article is a great one! I like the use of links and this allows the reader to get the gist of your world quite easily if they pay attention . The typos themselves do not make the article less interesting though but just pointed them out. Overall solid and good artixle

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