Orphan Jack

Lettered by Elias Dods
Orphan Jack, Orphan Jack   Won't you bring daddy back   Orphan Jack, Orphan Jack   Is mommy in your rucksack   Orphan Jack, Orphan Jack   Please don't drag me into the black.   -Children's rhyme in Seawatch


There are many variations and versions to the Orphan Jack tale. My favorite perhaps is the tale of a monstrous man who secrets himself into the houses of misbehaving children and murders their family. He scoops up their bodies and their Orphan children and recruits them into his dark army. There his loyal children feast on the flesh of parents and spread terrorful glee in search of more troublemakers for Orphan Jack. A childish tale certainly but with an ounce of sinister dealings that reminds you what children's tales are all about! At the mention of Orphan Jack, you are undoubtedly going to receive many high shrills from the local children but whether those are shrieks of glee or terror I struggle to find out.

Historical Basis

Stories about the orphans of Seawatch are numerous and most feature some concept of a creature or person that pulls them into a dark and twisted life. The orphans have been a problem in Seawatch for years and until recently it was being managed. The Orphan Jack rhyme has found widespread use among the peasant children.


The story of Orphan Jack is a well-known boogieman story in Seawatch and a few of the surrounding towns.

Cultural Reception

The children in Seawatch have taken the tale of Orphan Jack and turned it into a themed game of the common hide-and-seek.

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