Organizing Chaos, a Guide to Guilds

Through Unity, Safety. ~ Through Safety, Trade. ~ Through Trade, Wealth.


Organizations of skilled labour have existed within Haven for over a thousand years. Each one starting off as a group of skilled tradesman, no matter how exotic the trade, until they grow large enough to become a political force. These groups, known as Guilds, control most of the commerce within Haven. From the immense Gravehunter's Guild to the reviled Slaver's Guild.

The Guilds

Gravehunter's Guild

Founded originally as the Huntsman Guild in 983 BF, it's original purpose was that of hunting down both dangerous people and fearsome beasts. When their tasks changed from hunting the living to hunting the Unfallen they rebranded themselves as the Gravehunter's Guild nine years after the Fall of Lady Death. Today they are the largest Guild within Haven and are considered a major political power with Guildhalls within every city and capital. Without the Gravehunters, Haven would have fallen long ago.

For more information see Gravehunter's Guild.

Gravehunter's Symbol

Miner's Guild

Originally founded as a protest against an unnamed entity only referred to as Taskmasters, the history of the Miner's Guild is seeped in blood. Despite their humble roots the Guild has become both a political and economical force throughout Haven with their monopoly on the Blackstone trade. Not a single speck of the rocks are sold without the consent of the Guild.

For more information see Miner's Guild

Miner's Symbol

Slaver's Guild

Established within Ravenpeak in 683 BF by six families deeply entwined with the slave trade, the Slaver's Guild was to be used as an instrument of destruction of any competition. With deep connections and even deeper pockets, it only took the Guild five years to establish themselves within most cities of Haven as a tool for fearmongering the populace. The only thing that is restraining the Guild currently is the law stating that only through tax evasion may someone be enslaved.

For more information see Slaver's Guild.

Slaver's Symbol


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